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  Referral and Scheduling Procedure

Two Directions staff work closely with TANF participants on an individual basis to ensure a smooth, client-oriented continuum, from intake through training to completion of program goals. Here is how the process works:

Participants complete their application for benefits and services at the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Assn., Inc. (SCTCA) administrative offices located on the Pala Indian Reservation at 36146 Pala Temecula Rd., Bldg. K, Pala, Ca. 92059.

Each participant is interviewed by SCTCA staff for eligibility determination.

Eligible participants are then referred to Two Directions, Inc. where they meet with the Training Coordinator.

Using information from both interviews, Two Directions staff creates a personalized Training/Employment Schedule for each participant, based on specific educational/vocational training needs, required work participation hours, program interests and class availability.

A copy of this schedule is forwarded to the participant’s TANF Career Specialist and SCTCA Transportation staff.

Two Directions staff carefully monitors each participants work participation hours and reports to SCTCA weekly and monthly to document attendance and progress towards their goals.